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"Committed to Excellence in Everything We Do" 
- The INS Group.

The INS Group was founded with a determination to create a positive impact in the industry by embracing a 'do it right the first time' ethos and pursuing the highest levels of quality and excellence in everything we undertake.

The INS Group places quality at the forefront of all our endeavors as we strive to consistently deliver exceptional services, whille exceeding customer expectations time and time again, building trust and loyalty within the telecommunications industry and beyond.

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Unrivalled Metrics

In an industry which sees our customers needing increased equipment rights due to continued technology changes, we are mindful of securing deals which facilitate future requirements.

Repeatable and ​Demonstratable

The INS Group's approach to projects is easily demonstrated, thanks to our extensive track record of completing thousands of projects and receiving strong recommendations from our clients.

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97% Right 
first time

The high level of accuracy and efficiency INS has achived leads to noticable cost savings, increased productivity, and improved customer satisfaction.

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From Survey to approval up to 84% faster

Our innovative rMSV workflow, which leverages digital twin and drone technology, has demonstrated a reduction of up to 84% in the time it takes from conducting a survey to obtaining approval.

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Reduce cost by 70%

Our pioneering rMSV methodology, which employs both drone technology and digital twin, has shown a cost reduction of up to 70% in the process of moving a site from surveying to approval.

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1900 rMSV delivered
1408 climbs avoided

The INS Group has carried out 1900 rMSV's since 2019, in addition to countless other drone and asset surveys, making us highly capable of meeting our commitments and instilling a strong sense of confidence in our ability to deliver on your promises. With Over 1408 Unnecessary climbs avoided we have had a positive impact on site safety

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4682000KG Co2 Saved

The INS rMSV approach will help in creating a more sustainable future for all.

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6G: The Next Generation of Wireless Connectivity

Abstract:This paper provides a comprehensive review of the advancements and considerations for the development of 6G mobile networks. Drawing on various...

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The INS Group & SiteSee

The INS Group & SiteSee

The INS Group has collaborated with SiteSee, an AI-based digital 3D model platform, to deliver top-notch digital models captured...

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The Journey to the Perfect rMSV

One of the most disruptive technologies to hit the telecoms industry in the last few years is the introduction of the rMSV also known as online survey...

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The Impact of AI in Telecoms: Revolutionising the Telecommunication Industry

The telecommunication industry is undergoing a profound transformation with the integration of artificial intelligence (AI). AI has emerged as a disruptive...

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The Evolution of Drones: Exploring Key Factors and Challenges in a Technological Frontier

Title: The Evolution of Drones: Exploring Key Factors and Challenges in a Technological Frontier


Drones, also known as unmanned aerial...

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Introducing AIM:

An Modern workflow for a modern telecoms industry

The INS Group is committed to discovering new and innovative ways to improve productivity. Therefore,...

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Drones - Innovation & Change, Starting to take flight

Safer Surveys, Efficiencies and Cost Saving Benefits With the hum of the propellers ringing out like a swarm of bees passing overhead, you cannot help...

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The INS Group News - February 2021 - 28 days, ISO & Drones

ISO is the way to go... The stamp of quality and improvement February comes from the Latin word februa, which means “to cleanse.” And we have certainly...

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The INS Group are ISO 9001 Certified

After 6 long months of hard work behind the scenes, The INS Group have achieved the official stamp of quality with the certification of ISO 9001. ISO...

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