Drones - Innovation & Change, Starting to take flight

Safer Surveys, Efficiencies and Cost Saving Benefits

With the hum of the propellers ringing out like a swarm of bees passing overhead, you cannot help but be drawn into the excitement of the drone taking off on its pre-planned flight path, as we all stand around observing its harmonic flow around the 30 meter structure, on this sunny winters day. 

The wireless industry is currently seeing a boom in Survey & Design demand, as it turns up the volume on 5G deployment. With so many improvements, cost saving and efficiencies provided by this new way of capturing key site data, it comes as no surprise that Operators, Infrastructure and Vendors are now starting to take a keen interest. 


"COVID brought everyone some serious challenges, both in work and out of it. It made us start to think more about how we can work smarter and utilise technologies we had never really used before. With remote working instantly becoming a new normal, a new way of thinking was really pressed upon us and we had to adapt and change" says Matt Wilkie, CEO of The INS Group. This was a change that was welcomed by some and not others however. Change is hard to accept for some, as it disrupts many years, sometimes decades, of processes and ways of working which have been 'The way we do things'.

"I've always been into technology and IT data systems. I feel software advancements show we are now ready to offer such a smarter way to work and Excel spreadsheets may well have finally had their day!" Matt says with a smile.

"Collaborative working across the whole spectrum is the future for us all to achieve our collective goals together, as one". Matt summarised