From Survey to approval up to 84% faster

Our rMSV workflow has been demonstrated to reduce the time it takes from conducting a survey to obtaining approval by up to 84%. This significant reduction in time is due to the efficiency and accuracy of our technology, which enables faster data collection and analysis, more accurate measurements, and a streamlined approval process.

By using advanced 3D modelling, photogrammetry, and Drone Surveys, we can create a digital twin of the site, providing a detailed and accurate representation of the environment. We then utilize drones to collect additional data and imagery, which are integrated into the digital twin to provide even greater accuracy and detail.

In addition to time savings, the rMSV workflow also offers other benefits, such as improved accuracy, reduced costs, and enhanced safety. By leveraging digital twin and drone technology, we can significantly reduce the need for manual inspection, which minimises risks to personnel and equipment. This approach also minimizes the need for site visits, which reduces costs and helps to mitigate any potential impact on the environment.

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