The INS Group News - February 2021 - 28 days, ISO & Drones

ISO is the way to go... The stamp of quality and improvement

February comes from the Latin word februa, which means “to cleanse.” And we have certainly been busy cleaning things up behind the scenes at The INS Group, as we look forward to welcoming some important visitors over the month of February.

In week 1 of February, we will have our internal Pre Audit, with our external consultant, which will be in preparation for Stage 1 Assessment. Then following on from that in week 2, we will be welcoming in the official ISO Auditors for Stage 1 Assessment actual.

This is a very exciting time for all the staff involved with ISO at The INS Group, as they have all worked very hard for many months preparing for the start of this process and, now we are at the key stages to hopefully obtaining that long awaited stamp of approval.


Database Development

As part of our constant improvement ethos and strategy for The INS Group, we have now started to develop our new 'Workflow Management System'. 

The system which will host a whole load of exciting features, such as SMART Planning, Live Interactive Schedules, Survey and Drawing Approval Processes to name but a few, and will be ready for testing in March and a 'Go Live' forecast for April. 


And finally...

We've been discussing, pushing forward with and investigating the use of Drones - for Safer Surveys, Efficiencies and Cost Saving Benefits. Read more here...

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